13 reasons why listicles should cease to exist.

Oh, The Irony!

  1. Because no one reads anything besides what there is in bold anyway.

There might be a lengthy paragraph explaining the header or sub-head, but listicles are designed for browsing through. The paragraph could say anything, and the amount of people that will read it will be far fewer than the people that only read the header.

  1. Gifs and images are not in-depth writing.

I don’t care how “relevant” the image is or how many “feels” you get. If your gif or image in the listicle of “10 Reasons Why College Parties Are The Best” is a scene from some Hollywood movie, then that is just using someone else’s work to make your work appear hilarious.

  1. They make people feel original, when they are not.

Congrats, you listed AND read about ten reasons why boarding school was the best. Did you have a great time? Did you make friends for life? Are the professors great? Did you manage to sneak out or keep your iPods illegally? Oh hey, I just made another listicle.

  1. They oversimplify everything.
  2. Because they require 0 advanced planning.

It took me 15 minutes.

  1. Real writing builds on itself.

A story builds over time regardless of what the topic is. There’s a graph from the beginning to the end, just like a script or a novel. There is a plotline, facts, characters and more. You can’t just skim through and get the same experience.

  1. Because they’re designed to get the most money out of you.

A listicle does not only consist of points; there are a slew of images and Gifs to make it more appealing which uses more of the viewer’s data. The worst kind of listicle is a slideshow, where each point is on a separate page, and each time advance to the next page, the entire page reloads to give fresh advertisements. Not only are these pages extremely to navigate, they’re charging the viewer extra.

  1. They clutter social media.

My previous article – “You are your life and nothing else”?  It took more than two hours, and a lot of research to write it. I’ve been writing this for minutes, and I’m almost done. Yet this vile article will probably be shared and read at least double the amount of times because it takes no minimum effort to read and comprehend. More than half of the newsfeed on my Facebook homepage consists listicles from sites like Scoophoop and Buzzfeed.

  1. I’m ending it here because I’ve already written
  2. more content compared to 50 percent of other
  3. listicles and I have to sleep
  4. which will help me forget how terrible this
  5. appalling listicle made me feel.
  6. And here’s a #14 just because nobody really pays attention to the ‘number’ in a listicle.

    Image credits- Flickr @IgorSchutz

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